The Billionaire Network is delighted to offer this 100% Off Market Dubai Based Car Collection.

1. McLaren Elva, Mileage: 78km, Year: 2021 Spec: EU and 1 of 149
2. McLaren 720s, Year: 02.2021, Mileage: 11675km, Spec: EU and Rebuild exhaust system (Manhart), P1 seats, rebuild interior
3. McLaren Senna, Mileage: 1200km, Year: 01.2015 and Spec: EU
4. Ferrari Monza SP2, Mileage: 133km, Year: 2021 and Spec: GCC
5. Porsche Cayenne Turbo Mansory, Mileage: 1116km, Year: 01.2021 and Spec: EU

For the full details please view this presentation HERE

Must be brought all together!

Before we put you as a buyer or you as a mandate forward to the seller we are going to require some assurances you are, or there is, a ready and willing buyer.

PRICE $7,500,000 / BILL 7,500,000


Finance Available