The Billionaire Network has a well known HNW individual raising a $100m Fund with a conservative ROI of $360m over 4.5 years. An opportunity only for elite personnel so we think it’s a great fit for our network

The StaaS fund have opened up the opportunity for a $500m round with a guaranteed conservative ROI of $3.1bn over seven years; they’re also offering a 90-day cash-out option for those seeking a lucrative residual income ($122,500,000.00) per quarter.

$200m Has been reserved, $300m remaining

This Is A De-Risked Investment Fund Linked To A 250,000sqft Crypto Mining facility in Georgia.

Their first Bitcoin table with a $1M investment back in February of 2022 has already earned $595,000 in eight months.

They are filling up their BTIP 2 & 3 with the following provisions:
– $2.5M investment
– 4.5 year contract
– $15M in expected net revenue

Investment opportunities start at $15M with a revenue projection of $85M, but they can also accept tickets of higher value.

For comprehensive details please view this presentation deck HERE

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Finance Available