The Billionaire Network is excited to present this Swiss Banking Services Company with Multi-Function Platform

1ST Opportunity – Swiss Bank Share

What we have is a sale of 2% ownership shares in a profitable 3-year-old Swiss private bank.
Price: CHF 3 million.

Very strong growth in 2021:

  • More than doubled the number of accounts
  • Grew to almost CHF 4 billion in assets under custody.
  • More than CHF 5 billion in payment volume.
  • Employees bought more than 1 million shares.
  • Operating income increased to CHF 9.7 million.
  • Well capitalised, liquid and in a good position to continue the envisioned growth path.
  • Shareholders’ equity CHF 31.2mio at the end of 2021
  • Balance sheet total grew to CHF 300 million.
  • Increase of employees by 30% to around 30.

Other highlights:

  • No one shareholder has a majority
  • Very well known and recognisable name/founder
  • Ability to acquire larger position if want.

Clients are looking for smaller, more agile banking. The bank has done what it had planned from the very beginning and, according to plan, and was able to have the first profitable months only three years after receiving its banking license.

In 2021, FINMA released the bank from their heightened supervision as a new bank to their regular supervision as a bank in the small bank regime.

2022 so far:

  • The bank has grown fast and performed well during the first six months of 2022, despite all the turmoil around us.
  • Increased to over 40 employees.
  • Balance sheet has expanded to just under CHF 350 million
  • It has been our best six months since the bank was founded.
  • The second half of 2022 also started promising.


2ND Opportunity – Swiss Multi-function banking services and crypto exchange company and gateway.

  • Price: CHF 2 million
  • Est. 2019
  • Domiciles:, Switzerland
  • Company: Licensed Swiss AG (para-banking license, in good standing)
  • Platform user functions:
  • Platform is already integrated with crypto buy/sell/receive/send for BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, VET, SHIB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, RLX and EOS. Other cryptocurrencies can be added as well, including your own crypto token and any crypto pairs.
  • Integrated secure cold storage non-custodial crypto wallets. Hot wallets, cold storages (ability to add additional wallets).
  • Automated KYC system.
  • Top-up by card or wire transfer.
  • Limitless user-to-user electronic money transfer.
  • Obtain virtual, standard or limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card. Cards can be branded, metal, etc.
  • IBAN accounts, for sending and receiving international wire transfers.
  • Instant currency exchange, major currencies.
  • Sophisticated merchant solution included, with ability to offer merchant solutions to third parties (FIAT and crypto).
  • Problems solved by the Company and Platform:
  • No bank account needed to hold funds in several currencies
  • Complete crypto to fiat solution – load to card, withdraw to your bank, money transfer to another user, no bank or payment account needed.
  • High-risk merchant solution
  • No limits on user-to-user money transfer, individual and corporate
  • Multi-currency supported
  • Limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card, load with any amount
  • Very high crypto liquidity

Description of the Company’s regulatory license:
In Switzerland, there are two categories of financial intermediaries. One category includes banks, insurance companies, securities dealers, fund managers, etc., and is subject to supervision under Art. 2, para. 2 of the AMLA. The other category, referred to by FINMA as the “alternative” or “para-banking” sector covers all other financial intermediaries and is subject to supervision under Art. 2, para. 3 of the AMLA. This company’s license falls under the para-banking category and has membership with a supervisory body officially approved by FINMA.


  • The banking services software platform is delivered fully integrated with all banks, payment institutions, credit card processor, prepaid debit card issuer and other service providers necessary to provide the platforms multi-function capabilities listed herein.
  • The Company owns a perpetual software license for the software banking platform. No monthly software license fees ever.
  • The software platform is fully customisable.
  • Custodian banks and payment institutions for IBAN issuance already in place.
  • The Swiss developed platform comes integrated with a Swiss automated and Intelligent AML ID Verification Tool, which empowers the user to immediately utilize all functions of the platform. Once onboarded, users can open corporate accounts and corporate bank accounts.
  • Merchant solution and ability to offer merchant solution to third parties.
  • Company has no debt, lawsuits or taxes owed (comes with Warranty)
  • Foreign purchaser and shareholders are allowed.
  • The handover process is very simple and fast in Switzerland because there is NO regulatory approval requirement for changes in ownership. Once the SPA is executed and the payment received, the shares change hands. Our group stays on to handle all corporate services including the accounting, financial and compliance audits, general consulting and more.
  • 100% turn-key – All corporate service partners are in place including the accountant, financial and compliance auditor, etc.
  • No commissions or transfer costs.


3RD Opportunity – Private pre-IPO investment opportunity.

MINIMUM INVESTMENT $5 million, up to $20M.

Developer of a sophisticated and revolutionary software. Recently awarded a $65 million military
contract, with further applications in aviation, video gaming, motorsport, law enforcement, leisure and entertainment.

Investment fund, $300 million valuation, IPO expected at $1 billion+

Only $15 million left of $80 million total pre-IPO raise.


-Closed $65M contract with the military.
-Partnership with huge aviation company and others
-Selected by a huge, company to adapt technology to its use cases
-Received a non-dilutive video game company grant.

For more information on any of these please contact us ASAP

Finance Available