Crypto On & Off Ramping Service

The Billionaire Network is please to announce its new Crypto On & Off Ramping Service

This service is specifically for anyone who wants to convert $USD to BTC & USDT (TETHER) or BTC & USDT (TETHER) to $USD

Its the bank that has the crypto liquidity or fiat liquidity. 

This service is **NOT** for entities who want to buy or sell crypto using some mythical nonsensical procedure of wallet handshakes with non existent discounts, crypto and fiat!

This is only for entities who actually have the Crypto or the Fiat!

Procedure Example

Our Crypto On & Off Ramping Service could not be easier to follow and all that is required is a standard KYC document is completed by the UBO, there is no onboarding required and processing can start immediately although if there is large amounts of Crypto required then notice is required for the bank to load liquidity prior to tranches.

Converting Crypto processing consist of crypto sent to the bank wallet and Fiat being send to the clients bank account (bank accounts are available of required but onboarding is required)

Converting Fiat processing consist of Fiat sent to the banks account and crypto being send to the clients wallet (s)

Fees for processing Crypto To Fiat – Fiat to Crypto is dependant on risk.

It really is as simple as that, none of the nonsense you hear all over the internet day in day out.

For more information please contact us ASAP

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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