The Billionaire Network has a credible seller of a large quantity of Bitcoin (BTC) that will be concluded via Escrow & Lawyers.

This sale if for genuine buyers who understand what it takes to get a sale over the line.

1) Buyer transfers funds to US attorney – Attorney Trust Account
2) Escrow Agent gives an Attorney Undertaking that it will not release funds until receiving confirmation from US attorney that BTC has been received with 6 Blockchain confirmations.
3) US attorney transfers funds to Escrow Agent Attorney Trust Account.
4) Escrow Agent instructs Seller to transfer BTC to Transactional Wallet of US attorney.
5) Upon receipt of confirmation of receipt of BTC by US attorney into its Transactional Wallet, US attorney notifies Escrow Agent that it may release the Escrow Funds to Seller.
6) US attorney then transfers the BTC from its Transactional Wallet to Buyer and pays all Intermediaries.

This has now been Fulfilled

Finance Available