The Billionaire Network has been asked to assist in the sales of a set of unique Ferrari’s Complete collection NOVITEC specs

(*if during the process seller receives offers to buy individual cars covering the whole collection then seller might consider selling individual cars)

  • 488 N-LARGO SPIDER (n=11)
  • F8 N-LARGO (n=15)
  • F8 N-LARGO SPIDER (n=15)
  • 488 GTB N-LARGO (n=1)
  • 812 GTS N-LARGO (n=18)
  • F12 N-LARGO S (n=11)

Delivery: Ex works(cash-and-carry). Buyer arranges/pays transportation, insurance, tax, etc Fixed.

Collection Price: EUR 7,500;000

Only interested buyers with the proven capability to buy will be put in contact with the owner and/or his business manager, after signing NCNDA
No Broker chain accepted

Brokers/intermediates can be offered a NCNDA with fee agreement but will not be allowed into the procedure and have no knowledge of the identity of seller, unless acting as buyer mandate (evidence requested)

European Ferrari Car Collection For Sale

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For more information please contact us ASAP

Finance Available