We are presenting an off-market investment opportunity in a company that has developed a state-of-the-art hybrid dual-fuel technology, significantly improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions in large diesel engines. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing diesel engines, revolutionizing the trucking industry and offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel engines. The company is seeking between £8-£10 million in investment to accelerate its growth and market penetration.

This company has developed a unique and proven technology that increases fuel economy by up to 19.5% for large diesel engines while simultaneously reducing harmful emissions. Independent testing by Emissions Analytics has confirmed these efficiency improvements and emission reductions. The company’s technology uses powertrain telemetry and proprietary software to introduce LPG into the combustion chamber.

The technology developed by this company addresses the two key challenges for the trucking industry – low margins and the need to reduce emissions. With diesel accounting for 40% of a trucking fleet’s costs, the improvement in fuel efficiency will deliver real competitive assistance to fleets adopting this technology, boosting margins by up to 200%. The company’s technology can be retrofitted easily to the 4 million heavy-duty diesel trucks in Europe, and just 5% market penetration would result in €360M in annual sales.

    This company offers an exciting opportunity for investors seeking a tax-efficient, high- growth investment with green credentials. The company has already raised over £4M in its seed round, and we are now looking for additional funding to fuel the growth of the business. The company is raising £3 million for its European operations, $5 million for its UAE operations, and £1 million for its UK partner, Tribune. Subsequent investment raises are likely to be between $50 to 100 million as the business grows, which should be discussed with potential strategic investors.
    The company has recently made significant progress:
  • Incorporated a UAE company in partnership with H.E. Sheikh Rashid Hamdan Bin Khadim Al Nuaimi, a principal member of one of the ruling families in the UAE. The partnership will commercialize the technology in the UAE, focusing on the logistics market, where approximately 300,000 vehicles fall into the target category of long haul HGVs averaging over 150,000 km per annum. The local partners have already commenced discussions with several logistics fleets extending to 40,000 HGVs.
  • UK Board approval to roll out 2,000 units (subject to final contract) with a contract value in excess of £10 million.
  • Signed a €9.7 million contract for 1,800 unit installations (successful trial completed October 2022).
  • Key employment engagements, including the appointment of a new COO and European Sales Director.
  • Established partnerships in Lithuania and Poland, providing access to 10 fleets with a collective fleet size of over 25,000 HGVs – contract value in excess of €100 million.
  • Extended pipeline of over 150,000 HGVs.

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