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Free Listing On Billionaire Network

To list anything you have for sale on the Billionaire Network is completely free, easy to do, but does have some requirements that if not provided mean the listing will be rejected in its entirety. 

When we push out a clients listing detail we require things to be formatted in a certain way so as listing is pushed out to are ever growing network everything displays correctly over all our social networks, private groups, public groups, email lists and secondary sharing across the internet.

We only have two real requirements and they are any images submitted are 1000px X 1000px in size and and PDF decks sent are completely clean of any external details so only showing the detail of what is on offer.

If those requirements can’t be provided then the team at Billionaire Network can spend 2-3 hours resizing images, improving images and cutting and remaking decks and due to the large number of submissions we do now offer a paid listing service to cover the cost of having to do this work. If you want to submit details that do not comply with the requirements to list for free please follow the button.

Please fill this form out correctly

Tell us what you have to list

Please provide a full title of what is being listed
Please assign a reference number to your listing. It can be anything you like
We just need the broad details of where the listing is located
Please enter all the details you can. The more we have the better
Please give the gross price with any commissions included
You may want to offer us a commission directly otherwise we will just apply our percentage on top of the gross price.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 12 files.
You can upload 12 images. They must be 1000px X 1000px and no more than 32mb in total. .png, .gif, .jpg
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
If you have a deck you would like to send then it must be clean of any details relating to other entities. 32MB Max

About you

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 2 files.
Please upload your proof you are mandated to act on behalf of the owner/seller of this listing. If not a mandate please move on.
Please explain why you do not have a mandate. If you are a mandate then please move on.
Please note that if you are not a mandate and you require others to provide these details it will be mention in the listing of this requirement from a non mandated sell side.
If there are any specific requirements that a buyer or buyers mandate need then please let us know.
Please let us know of anything specific we may need to know
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