Hemp (HEMP) ERC20 Contract

Welcome to the sale of the Hemp (HEMP) ERC20 Contract on the Binance blockchain. Perfect for any Hemp (HEMP) related project that wants to incorporate Blockchain into their strategy.

Whats is for sale:

  • The Hemp (HEMP) Binance blockchain ERC20 contract

The contract is  fully verified

The contract has been created with these specific features:

  • NON Mintable – There is no ability to mint more tokens with this contract setting a maximum ever available.
  • Burnable – The ability to burn minted tokens.
  • Pausable – The ability to put a pause on all activity.
  • Permit – – creates a record of the balances and supply for later access.
  • Votes – creates a governance voting ability.
  • Flash Minting – the ability to give a flash loan, so long as the assets are returned before the end of the transaction.
  • Snapshots – Show what is going on with your tokens
  • 1000000000 (1 Billion) tokens.

Please view the Hemp (HEMP) Binance Smart Chain contract HERE

The contracts can be renounced or managed on request by the creator and the ownership will be transferred to the new owners wallet address along with the 1 Billion Hemp (HEMP) tokens.

These tokens can be immediately  placed on Pancake Swap to have liquidity pools created for trading, farming and swaps.

This sale also come with a listing with 1 market pairs on the soon to openBillionaire Exchange but this will require the full verification of the new owners white paper by BscScan.

The owner would consider a direct swap for an interesting vehicle of some sort or anything weird of any kind, current owner is based in the UK.

Any questions please ask and we get back to you ASAP

Finance Available