The Billionaire Network is pleased to offer this investment requirement for this Social Creator Platform Where Good Content Gets Rewarded

The WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW
Through solid principles and creative thinking, we challenge the present with unique and fair solutions for the future. We are creating a social, fun, fair, and scalable content creation, sharing, and consumption environment. A fair distribution of value, always seeking quality content vs quantity, transparency in our operations, and respect for our customers, employees, and business partners are key principles that will guide us on this journey.

Of Creator platforms

  • Their Weak network effects inhibit visibility and give low exposure.
  • Not appealing to younger demographics – Patreon`s core age demographics are 20-40.
  • Platform fees and payment processing costs can overeat into creators’ earnings. Constructing a less scalable pricing structure. ( the average pledge on Patreon is 7 UDS )
  • The systems, algorithms, business models, or quality control on some platforms have caused a crowded market that may lower the perceived value of creators’ work.
  • Often, they are used only as intermediaries or publishing tools.


Social Creator platform

  • Strong network effects
  •  An in-app token economy with monetary value
  •  Optional monetisation
  • Nano payments
  • Earning opportunities from day one
  • Principles and algorithms that push quality, not quantity
  • All actions performed by the users generate value and profit – to the users.

Users buy or earn in-app gaming tokens with a monetary value, users cash out or spend tokens, Vojvoj takes a transaction fee.

Prototype functionality

  • Creation
  • Gaming token economy with monetary value
  • Donations option
  • Subscription option
  • Sharing (Sharing split. 20% to sharer 80% to the creator
  • Collaboration
  • Referral (5% referral fee)

MVP functionality

  • Payouts to creators on 10 USD
  • Up to 2 hour video
  • Video editing tool
  • Top donator list
  • Create teaser to share externally in other ecosystems
  • Categorisation

– The prototype is live on iOS and is currently being tested on 2000 users who posted 4500 skateboard videos. Hundreds of skateboarders have earned money by posting and sharing content and referring friends to the app.
– User acquisition with a 1:4 referral ratio – 1/3 from our incentivized referral program and 2/3 from satisfied customers promoting our app through word of mouth.
– Top creators earn from 50 cents up to a dollar on only 150 views in the feed.
– We are building atomic networks within a narrow demographic in one trendsetting community and connecting them in the app with multilevel network effects.
– Viral loops have been identified.
– We have well-tested and functioning onboarding processes ready to scale.

How much do they need, and for what
• 500 000 USD in Pre-seed on a 7 million USD valuation
Expected impact
• 50 000 Users
• Reinforce team
• Automated payout process ( key feature ) • Strengthening network effects
• Enhancing product UX
• From Prototype to MVP
Unleashing the Power of Viral Growth: In nine months, we aim to establish the foundation for explosive viral loops and position Vojvoj as a game-changer in the industry, securing a 2 million USD seed round at a minimum valuation of 30 million USD.

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Finance Available