The Billionaire Network has a request for KTT (Key Tested Telex) banking.

Please read this carefully!

This request is for genuine M0 on ledger funds just like any other but they require KTT (Key Tested Telex) to move the funds.

Most of the major banks do KTT but there are problems on speaking to the right people who can arrange it. This includes HSBC, DB and UBS to name but a few.

Ideally a bank account is required to allow KTT in and Swift out but paymaster options would be considered.

We are fully aware of all the nonsense that surrounds KTT and specifically the 50/50 scam where people try to obtain 50% of something that does not even exist. We are not interested in leased KTT or anything demanding up front payments.

There are some exceptional commissions to be obtained here to please contact us if you can help but only if you have understood the above.

Finance Available