The Billionaire Network has a credible and active seller of a large quantities of Bitcoin (BTC)  OTC F2F in Dubai right now.

This sale is for genuine buyers who understand what it takes to get a OTC sale over the line. 

This opportunity is live right now and requires ready and willing buyers who can act immediately and have FIAT (CASH) to buy.

There is the possibly to exchnage for USDT

The seller is offering very reasonable and flexible procedures and a buyer discount and commissions.

This is for a very large amount of BTC and although we will speak to mandates if the buyer can’t be brought forward immediately to start talks we will pass.

This is a OTC F2F in Dubai at the First Abu Dhabi Bank

If you as a buyer or a mandate to a buyer cannot comply with the sellers procedure to the letter than please do not contact us.


Finance Available