NFT Marketplace For Sale With Trading Native Cryptocurrency
Fully built NFT Market place with its own native exchange trading cryptocurrency Telegram, Instagram, Twitter and a high level Discord built specifically for the selling of NFT’s. The Marketplace uses its own native cryptocurrency for payment but can except any cryptocurrency. This marketplace Mints NFT on purchase and has the inner ability to be be a full user marketplace but that system is currently dormant and will require plugin subscriptions.

The market place will come with 1 year residency on its current server for free unless moved before. New owners will require knowledge of WordPress and Woocommecre as these are the main software the Marketplace was built with.

Comes with NFT’s ready for sale.

This web entity has a highly sort after name and also does its native cryptocurrency.

Above is the very basic offering details. The sale comes with 3 months consultancy but the new owners make their own decisions on how they want to go forward.

To move everything to an new entity will take 48hrs

All the cryptocurrency is on the BNB blockchain with the highest standard contracts with all the necessary bells and whistles.


Finance Available