Off Market Brand New AIRBUS H135T3 For Sale

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AIRBUS H135 (T3)
Airbus Helicopters’ H135 (T3) ranks among the world’s premier offerings in the twin-engine, light rotorcraft sector. Through the H135’s service life (including the Eurocopter EC135 from which it was developed), Airbus has delivered over 1,350 of the type to more than 300 operators in 60 countries. In all, the H135 has clocked just over five million flight hours and counting.

The H135 swings comfortably between roles, from emergency medical services to luxury passenger transport as an Airbus Commercial Helicopters offering. Safety concerns often play a large part in consumer purchasing decisions, a realm in which the H135 excels. The state-of-the-art flight deck features the Airbus Helionix avionics suite and a four-axis autopilot, while the shrouded Fenestron tail rotor lowers overall noise significantly. The H135 is certified to fly inside the Grand Canyon in the U. S.— one of the country’s most noise-limited airspaces.

Airbus provides two engine options for the H135: the Safran Arrius 2B2 Plus and the Pratt & Whitney PW206B3. Both offer shaft horsepower figures in the 500-to-700-horsepower class. The H135 delivers a maximum airspeed of 140 knots, with a range of 342 nautical miles with a standard fuel load. Airbus notes a hover ceiling of 7,200 feet, a maximum takeoff weight of 6,570 pounds, and a useful load of 3,124 pounds. The H135 can be equipped with a sling capable of carrying 2,646 pounds outside the aircraft.

Externally, the Airbus H135 is 40.2 feet long and 12.8 feet tall, with a main rotor diameter of 34.1 feet. The cabin fits one or two pilots with up to six passengers and can be configured in a multitude of layouts. Primary ones include the standard five-seat passenger transport and helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) configurations. The latter setup allows for two pilots, a stretcher and supporting equipment, and two medical attendants.

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Off Market Brand New AIRBUS H135T3 For Sale
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