Transaction Overview

• The business has a purchase agreement with licensed gold producers in the country of origin for the purchase of un-commoditised, pre-assayed, certified gold (dore bars). A back-to back sale agreement has been arranged with reputable and licensed international traders for the sale of the gold following the assay and refining process.

  • The use of funds is for the costs associated with refining, assay, transfer fees and taxes only.
  • The refined gold is paid for, solely from the proceeds of the completion process, once it has been transferred, inspected and approved by the purchaser.
  • Once the gold has been assayed and issued with purity certificates, it is transferred to the purchaser, whereupon the purchase

and sale funds are transferred simultaneously via solicitors.

  • Anticipated time to return of profits circa 4 weeks. Profit to be split 25% investor and 75% Oroco.
  • Stand-alone trade for 25% of the profit plus return of initial investment.
  • Opportunity for repeat investment

Travel and Security Arrangements

  • Transactions through solicitors are only made following assay at our nominated refinery in Free Trade Zone destination port and calculated on day of assay.
  • Air freight via Emirates Sky Cargo to Dubai with insurance wrap and security.
  • Accompanied secure freight with logistics and taxes paid directly, not through third parties.
  • Oroco is a mandated trader with gold producers and purchasers.
  • Margin is made on the arbitrage at completion. Gold is not required to be paid for upfront.
  • Transaction enables consignment to be commoditised and traded on the world markets such as the London Metals Exchange (Gold bullion LBMA 999.9)
  • Assay is completed using industry best practise.

Anticipated Funds Required

  • The anticipated costs are as follows based on a 50kg shipment. Costs are split 50/50 with the seller:
  • Smelting $5,000.
  • Taxes $137,500.
  • Insurance and Freight $20,000. o Documentation $10,000.
  • Storage $20,000.
  • Total Costs c$192,500.
  • Funds Required (50% of costs) $96,250

Anticipated Return to Investor

  • We are offering interested parties 25% of the transaction proceeds. Based on a 50kg shipment the anticipated returns would be as follows:
  • Consignment purchase cost $2,000,000.
  • Consignment sale price $2,750,000. o Trade purchaser discount $110,000. o Transaction costs $96,250
  • Transaction profit $543,750.
  • Profit after reimbursed costs $447,500
  • Return to Investor (25% of profit plus reimbursed investment) $208,125

Neither the contents of this Information Memorandum, nor any part thereof have been approved by any person authorised pursuant to section 21 of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”). Such approval is, save where any exemption under FSMA or the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005 (“Financial Promotion Order”) applies, required in respect of this Project Summary. Reliance upon this Information Memorandum by any person for the purposes of engaging in any investment activity may expose that person to a significant risk of losing all property or other assets invested or occurring additional liability. If any person is in any doubt as to the contents of this Information Memorandum they should seek independent advice from a person who is authorised for the purposes of FSMA and who specialises in advising in investments of this kind. THE BILLIONAIRE NETWORK LTD IS UNASSOCIATED WITH THIS OFFER AND ARE PURLEY ADVERTISING THE OPPORTUNITY. PLEASE DO YOUR FULL KYC & DD
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