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Billionaire Network Shipping

The first thing to understand about the Billionaire Network marketplace is it’s shipping is based on Geolocation and customers can only buy from you where you ship to. So if you set your shipping to to France only then only people in France or the French postcodes or zip codes you set will be able to buy from you.

Now we understand the Geolocation shipping let’s get to how you set things up to where you ship to.

  1.  Firstly we have to navigate to Dashboard – Settings – Shipping
  2. We then choose where we ship to. In this example we are going to say we only ship to the United States

3. Hover over United States with your mouse pointer and then click Edit

4. Once you have clicked Edit you arrive at the main United States shipping page.

5. Just for clarity all the other countries and continents are the same as this and you would set them up the same depending on where you want to ship to. In this example you can see that you are shipping to the United States but you can then choose which States that you ship to 

6. You can even limit the zip and postcodes that you ship to, please note that codes must be comma separated. 

7. Just for clarity the selecting of states and limiting Zip & Postcodes is not an absolute requirement. You can just do an entire country and set your shipping accordingly.

8. The next thing we need to do is click the Add Shipping Method button which will produce a dropdown menu.

9. Firstly select Flat Rate and then click the Add Shipping Method Button

10. Now hover over the Flat Rate shipping and click Edit

11. You will then be presented with a scrollable selection that consists of Tax Status (choose your status) and a range of shipping methods that currently consist off:

12. The next part is self explanatory. The *shipping class cost* is what you decide to charge for shipping in the Country or State you are shipping to. So using the example if it cost you $10 to send a 4 KG item to Alabama in the United States then you would enter 10 in the 4 KG Box. Which Shipping Method and Shipping cost you use is entirely up to you. There are few obvious selections to make but once are happy select Save Settings. 

13. Now you are set and when you are creating a product you will come to the part when you select shipping and then choose the Shipping Class for the product and you are done. So if a customer buys one of your products and they live in Alabama in the United Staes they will be charged whatever rate you entered for a 2 KG item. 

14.  This one example can be replicated for any country, state or Zip & Postcode depending on you and where you ship to.

15. You will also see the two other options, Local Pickup and Free Shipping. These two methods can be used if you charge for local Pickup of maybe give Free shipping if a certain value if hit in one order. Both are easy to set how you choose.

16. If you use ShipStation we provide you with the Authentication Key you need to directly connect.

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