The Billionaire Network is please to offer this 1st-Division Lithuanian Legendary Football Club For Sale

Business Description

  • 1. In 2017 Lithuanian Football Federation (LFF) created and confirmed national Football development strategy Grow 2020, main idea of it was to make football the most popular kind of sport in Lithuania before 2020.
  • 2. Football already is the most popular kind of sport between Lithuanian kids (22 600 kids are regularly training football, LFF data, 2021).
  • 3. Only factor ?not enough football infrastructure doesn’t let football to be the most popular kind of sport compare to basketball.
  • 4. LFF strategically decided to concentrate UEFA and FIFA incomes support for Lithuanian football clubs, what has full – structure and preferably ? strong relation with local municipality.

Why Lithuanian football market?

  • 1. Low competition compare to Western Europe, if Investor wants to get a chance to get a right to play in Europe Cups. Clubs with from around 0,5 mln. Eur annual budget are winning right to play in Europe Cups during last 3 years.
  • 2. Quite low investment in youth football talents development might be effective ? in private football business sector we have numbers, what show’s it’s enough to invest only till 500 Euro per year in one football player development.
  • 3. Low competition between football academies in majority part of Lithuania (except Vilnius) a good possibility to attract the most talented youth football talents to own club structure, by offering right service quality.

Key Points

  • 1. Legendary football club from Lithuania
  • 2. One of TOP5 the most famous football club brands in Lithuania
  • 4. Currently the Club is playing in 1st division in Lithuania
  • 5. Has own football academy (currently till 250 kids)
  • 6. Has a right to use a land for own stadium / training base building, in cooperation with one education institution stadium (for not shorter than 25 years period just paying symbolic fee)
  • 7. Has amazing and really loyal fans group
  • 8. Has contracts with marketing partners
  • 9. Has own volunteers list, who are helping for the Club in different operation sectors

Price: $1,100,000
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Finance Available