The Billionaire Network has received this offer from what seems to be an active seller of 3000 Bitcoin (BTC) right now.

The Billionaire Network cannot vouch for this seller and any possible buyer would need to do their own Due Diligence before they move forward.

This opportunity is live right now and requires ready and willing buyers who can act immediately! 


  • Face To Face in Dubai
  • Satoshi is possible, only after seller receives buyers confirmation and buyer location
  • Discount: Available
  • Commissions: Available
  • Live wallet
  • Seller can go buyer office
  • Available quantity: 3000 BTC
  • Minimum quantity: 300 BTC (CASH PAYMENT)
  • After the first 300 BTC has been paid in cash buyer can make Managers Cheque and then complete the deal in a bank

If you as a buyer or a mandate to a buyer cannot comply with the sellers procedure to the letter than please do not contact us.


Finance Available