The Billionaire Network is excited to offer The 4 Star Artist Hotel Lisbon

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Hotel “The Artist” 4 ****
Total private gross area – 1,670.90 m2
5 Suites with 15.90 m2
4 Tourist Apartments with 29.50 m2 3 Tourist Apartments with 31.00 m2 5 Tourist Apartments with 34.80 m2 3 Tourist Apartments with 41.50 m2 1 Tourist Apartment with 85.00 m2
Restaurant “The Act”
Area 103.50 m2
Seating places 48-50 plus 50 terrace seats. The restaurant is not leased.
The store “Ginjinha sem Rival” is leased with a 7-year contract with renewals for 2 years. The renewal period for 2 years is currently running. Annual income – €30,120.00.
The Hotel has an operating license.
The Hotel is classified as 4**** Tourist Apartments.
Sales value – €15,000,000.00 (Fifteen million euros).

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Finance Available