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The Billionaire Network is pleased to offer this Casino Project in Costa Rica

Each of the projects are available individually as they are legally and financially separate entities and are owned through separate corporations for easy transfer or acquisition..

A great opportunity for a visionary developer investor for this unique opportunity, an environmentally planned carbon neutral development in a major growth area on the Caribbean coast Costa Rica.

Please find attached a package of information for Casino City Caribe composed of seven development projects for SALE at US38.8. Million , that include 3 Casino Licenses ready for operation with 3 Hotel projects, licenses, permits and approvals, located on the Moin peninsula a mega projects growth area, Caribbean coast Costa Rica.

All our obtained approvals, permits and Casino licenses are paid, renewed and current to 2023-24.

Prices vary from US$4.2 M (Amapola Lodge 36 rooms with a Casino License) to US$8.6 M (Royal Caribe beachfront 5 star plus Resort Casino Hotel with Conference center) for all entitled seven projects/ properties for Sale in a ground up development project. Price list is included for each of the seven development properties.

Beach Road access to the subject properties is under improvement and a budget (see announcement Map) is provided by the Govt of CR to MOPT for the road work and this work is underway as some part of road is broken for improvement.

Some very unique attributes of our project:

1. It is the only all approved large multi-project integrated resort on the Atlantic/ Caribbean coast in a growth area of Mega projects.
2. The properties TITLE ownership extend and front on 50 meter inalienable zone – Beach sand line of the Caribbean ocean. Most properties near the ocean in Costa Rica are 250 meters away from the sand line. It is rare in Costa Rica for this size of property.
3. It is in the mega projects area of US$5.2 BB; which are creating demand for the housing, Hotel accommodation, Recreation and entertainment which the project meets and provides for these market demand.
4. It is all approved with licenses and permits and development ready for immediate stage for a construction program.
5. Each of the seven development properties are available separately as they are legally and financially separate entities. One can purchase one or more or the total package of seven properties/ projects.
6. Three Casino licenses are purchased on auction and are included in the listed prices for the Hotel properties. Since then Casino licenses are only available on annual rental basis for the new Hotel projects. This makes our ownership of the Casino Licenses unique as the owners of the licenses along with the existing operators.
7. Project has received political support and the government has approved after my presentation at the Casa Presidencia (Costa Rica White House) to improve and expand the beach side road access to our project area with US$ 20 m. approved budget with immediate construction plan. The approved road budget is planned for a second direct access from the project area to the National Highway.

8. It took me 8 years of bureaucratic process to bring the project to the present status.
9. It is a ground up development as the properties are in natural stage (Bosque – Undeveloped). Ready to go into Earth work/ ground preparation and development.

10. The new road plan provides 2 access points from and to the property. Beach front road to the property and directly to Ruta 32. Subject property location is just above “Doce Millas” point on the map at Beach-Front.
11. All properties are owned through Corporations for easy transfer to an acquisition party for any single property or for more.

12. Our property has 14 Mojanes (national Survey monuments) on the waterfront on the ocean and canal front to establish our property titles to the 50 meter inalienable zone. It is the only Private owned property to have these Mojanes to establish its ownership to the inalienable zone.

13. For individual projects, the listed prices vary for the land and approvals, permits licenses work done to-date. For the total package as shown in the listed prices chart, it works out to be US$100. per sq meter for the titled land and US$100. per sq meter for all the work done to date for the projects, licenses, permits, master plan approvals, subdivision of lots etc including ownership of casino licenses in the hotel projects.

Many more unique attributes…
Though at present there is no restriction of any height limit for our approved development, the project is conceived as a low profile structures for up to 3 floors in height to maintain a tropical beach resort character.

I have also attached few photos of my presentation at Casa Presidencia (Costa Rica White House) for the cabinet ministers.
At present roads along the beach to the property / projects are planned and built halfway and under construction.Direct road to Ruta 32 is planned and most of it exists to be connected and improved.
Royal Tortuguero is ready for construction permit application along with construction of homes. Royal Caribe is master planned approved and the two hotel projects include ownership of Casino licenses in their listing sale prices (US$6.9 M and US$8.6 M).
To get the development underway while the roads are planned and under construction to the project area delayed due to the recent Corona situation. I am providing a reduction in price and terms on receiving a written offer for the first project (Royal Tortuguero Marina Casino Hotel Resort) and for Building homes of 40 to 60 units on 20 Residential lots or for the total package of 7 development properties.
Investment in this opportunity may qualify investor company and their management for immigration to Costa Rica.

Adjacent property which is not included in the sale at present as it is occupied but not titled property is reserved for recreational and theme park development with possible elevated tourist/Visitor park rail as a tourist attraction through the natural areas bosque lagoons and through the canal front and ocean front vista and the walk trails.

Royal Tortuguero Marina could be a staging area for Canal / Ocean excursions with Restaurants/ Bar/Casino and cultural entertainment sailings.

This ready to go into construction development opportunity is ” A diamond in the rough ”

Environmental considerations have been a major motivator in this development framework.The overall planning framework is based on integrating ecological, social and economic dynamics into a development plan.

The framework is a series of steps that support a sustainable development:
— A carbon neutral development build-out.
— No drainage run-off by using Retention and Detention ponds.
— Use of forested area for carbon reduction.
— Compact development providing for low footprint density
— Increased green area of 60% in total development area
— Social integration of 4 cultural groups in the country.
— Enhanced tourism infrastructure promoting natural areas, local ecological attractions.
— Incorporating renewable energy Solar, Wind and Rainwater Harvesting.

Price $42M

More documentation on request.

For more information please contact us ASAP

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