Isotta Fraschini 1923 Model T8 Sport Torpedo Castagna For Sale

Isotta Fraschini 1923 Model T8 Sport Torpedo Castagna

The Billionaire Network are proud to offer this very rare 1923 Isotta Fraschini

The car has been restored to its splendor after 10 years of meticulous and meticulous restoration both outside and inside and in all the mechanical parts. The car is perfect like new. All the restoration work has obviously been certified and we attach a detailed report.
The historic car has received all the awards in the sector of the category, and every kind of praise, so much so that it was chosen as a historic car by the Italian state, to exhibit it at the Shanghai Expo.

In addition, the car has participated in the most important exhibitions in the sector organised around the world, where it has been appreciated for its beauty and the particular restoration work, so much so, that it also won races, against other historic cars of the same period of other famous brands.


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