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The Billionaire Network is please to offer this historical Property that includes a hotel, restaurant, spa and museum in a privately owned landmark in Ilaniya, northern Israel.


Welcome to Ilaniya, town nestled in northern Israel, but even before Israel was formed, the history tells us that in 1890, with the rare approval of the Turkish government, the only Tabu Kushan estate was built in the country in its original form and design * (Regardless of the Israel Lands Administration)
This estate covers 3,500m2 in the most beautiful and breathtaking places in the country.

Ilaniya, a community of no more than 500 people founded originally in 1899 with the name of Sejera. It was one of the earliest model farms founded by the Jewish Colonisation Association during the First Aliyah – the first wave of Jewish immigration to the Holy Land. Ilaniya was briefly home to David Ben Gurion, famous Zionist who later became the first prime minister of Israel.

The Sajra mansion was established as a khan for lodging, purchasing food, repairing weapons, purchasing ammunition and exchanging horses. The estate served as a transit station for visitors from Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to Haifa Bay.

Hidden from prying eyes, the place was used to establish part of the secret organisation called “The Kibbutz” (before the establishment of “Hashomer”) and worked on the estate none other than the young David Ben-Gurion as mentioned before.


It has since become a thriving complex that includes a Turkish bath, spa, a successful meat restaurant with a wide business clientele, an outdoor pool and a guest house.

The mansion has a vineyard that produces luxury wine, an orchard of fruit trees and an olive grove that produces medicinal olive oil.
Since 2019 due to the pandemic, the restaurant and the hotel have not worked despite the great demand from customers regardless of the corona situation.The place has been maintained and cleaned regularly.

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