La Conejo Resort and Spa 35 Hectare Development Opportunity In Moratalla Murcia Spain

The Billionaire Network is excited to offer this Superb La Conejo Resort and Spa 35 Hectare Development Opportunity In Moratalla Murcia Spain

Concept Development Outline Summary

  • Land Value 2,900,000 EUR – 3,000,000
  • Land Zones: 5
  • Value per Zone:350,000 EURO
  • Destination Retreat Hotel & Spa with sales to lease back villas and branded limited edition residences


  • Zone A: Main hotel 28 keys 2 levels with spa, pool and entry lobby area 8 dual key pool villas
  • Zone A: 8 dual key pool villas
  • Zone A: 17 round house private villas
  • Total guest accommodation keys 64
  • Zone B: Private Villa Branded Estate: 13 number for sale 3 bed-4bd 1.5 story units
  • Zone C: Commercial Open market/exhibition/arts-crafts- farm stay building (support glamping)
  • Zone D: Agro Orchard leased out for farm to table concepts
  • Zone E: Agro Orchard leased out for farm to table concepts


Development Main Features / Concept

The development is given a brand which is accented by a Special art work arrival sculpture “the Rabbit”, as a draw for local and tourist visits alike. The “Iberian” Hare/Rabbit which is now thought to be very rare. It is a humorous marker for the hotel/development with rabbits having long folklore and lucky connotations.

The central Spa “onsen” area is of Japanese minimalist influence, mountain modern, for guests and separate bookings as a driver of revenue, focus on WELLNESS with local character using natural herbs/oils etc of the Moratalla region.

50m x 8m meter pool and lounge area

The main development is built using MET/CLT engineered timber construction for carbon negative sustainability goal. While also being systemised, fast to erect, less labor intense and it of course comes with its own natural finishes giving a natural mood, Biophillic mood and tone to the spaces.

The development would be having sale to lease back units to drive early revenue in support of the construction. In addition Zone B and possible Zone C expansion is for outright sales of villa plots either as is or with selected home designs. Self-build can be considered to be allowed under special development guidance in keeping with the overall development as a modern contemporary development. Self-build plot must be built within certain time frame and cannot be left undeveloped for more than 3 years from purchases(?).

Any questions from interested parties can be answered .

This is direct from the actual owner, there are no brokers or mandates and all discussions will be with the owner. If you are a broker or mandate making an approach on this development we will need written proof from your buyer that proves that to be the case.

Parcel Zone C is created for an open market building for local use and “farm to table” as well as possible craft/arts leasing. Envisioned as an agro-“shed” it could also hold F&B etc. it is a “community” driver.

Parcel Zones DE are left as the orchards and tended under farm to table leasing and also for guests to “pick their own”, etc. A review of the trees, other plantings planning etc can be made to support this.

In Zone D is the option for expansion to extend accommodations with a 2 level building as future for additional 27 keys.

Zone A also has space for growth to the north for sales to lease back “second release offering of the Round Houses in future, or a variant therein.

The “round House” is in envisioned as built in local stone exterior materials with a modern interior. The hotel is envisioned in the MET construction, again in modern Spanish-Scandinavian interior tone.

Over all soft greys, off whites almond colourings and limestone/sandstone colours with European White oak etc are the envisioned palettes. Playfulness is with added splashes of colours in the soft covers and textures, sheepskins, cushions etc.

Rough Development Numbers

  • Gross Sales income (TBC) 10.5M EUR
  • Gross Construction Costs all elements (excluding Zones CDE) 13.25M EUR
  • Development deficit (hotel liabilities towards breakeven) 2.69M EURO


Target breakeven 3-4 years (tbc)

  • Via income streams from room rentals, F&B, and additional Spa packages
  • Gross Room revenue per annum (175 EUR key Average, 55% OCR 364 days) 2.38M EUR
  • Gross other revenue F&B misc 5.48M EURO
  • Total excluding spa revenue 2.9M EURO

Excluding additional farm-glamping concepts etc. and leasing for farming and commercial/crafts spaces.

This development also has its own native Cryptocurrency that could be used for a IEO raise and also as an internal currency for the operational development when finished. 

The land also has outline planning permission for 389 units to built in its entirety!

Further detailed reviews would be needed if the above and attached are of interest for possible development proposal for the lands noted and in line with the above concepts and vision deck “La CONEJO”.

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La Conejo Resort and Spa Development Opportunity

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Price £3,000,000
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