The Billionaire Network is pleased to offer this Magnificent Fancy Vivid Yellow Cut-Cornered Rectangular Diamond 127.68 Carat For Sale

  • Colour Grade: FANCY VIVID YELLOW.
  • Colour Origin: Natural.
  • Clarity: VS2.
  • Polish: Excellent.
  • Symmetry: Very good.
  • Fluorescence: None.
  • Location: Dubai 

The history of this diamond begins in Africa, when a large yellow natural stone was mined a few years ago. Talented cutters with many years of experience managed to perform an excellent cut, to find the balance between the maximum weight and the minimum number of inclusions.

This diamond will become a magnificent specimen in any, even the most outstanding collection of rare diamonds or will look great in an obscenely expensive and exclusive piece of jewellery.

Please view the GIA Report HERE

Price 15M USD
Agent commissions available
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