As we navigate through the rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive industry, I would like to present a compelling investment opportunity in a company (hereafter referred to as “Company-X”) that is strategically poised to lead the car subscription market in the UK.


On behalf of Company-X, I am facilitating an investment round seeking £575,000 in exchange for an equity stake of 18%. This capital will be directed towards scaling operations, enhancing the digital platform, and amplifying marketing efforts, with the ultimate objective of securing a dominant position in the burgeoning car subscription market.

Investment Justification:

  • 1. Market Potential: The car subscription market has exhibited substantial growth prospects, projected to reach a value between $30 billion and $40 billion globally by 2030. In the UK, over 30% of consumers are now leaning towards car subscription services, a trend anticipated to escalate due to macroeconomic factors like the cost of living, rising interest rates, and inflationary pressures.
  • 2. Unique Offering: Company-X’s digital platform provides a user-friendly, seamless marketplace for both suppliers and customers of car subscription services. The platform includes features that enable consumers to compare offerings across multiple factors such as vehicle type, price, contract term, insurance, and other related products.
  • 3. Solid Foundations: Company-X has fully functioning prototypes, a robust sales distribution model, and comprehensive cash flow forecasts. It is both SEIS and EIS approved, offering attractive tax reliefs to prospective investors.
  • 4. HighROI:Company-Xprojectsareturnoninvestmentof1,357%overfouryears, illustrating the potential profitability of this venture.
  • 5. Future-Proof Business Model: As the automotive industry transitions towards Electric Vehicles (EVs), Company-X’s flexible subscription model offers a solution for consumers to experience these new technologies without the prohibitive upfront costs associated with outright EV ownership.

In Conclusion:
This investment opportunity with Company-X provides potential for significant returns in a rapidly growing and future-proof industry. Should you express interest, further confidential details will be disclosed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Please view the investment proposal HERE

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Best Regards,
Jafarov Rauf, MSc
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