We are excited to present to you an exclusive off-market gold investment opportunity that offers significant potential returns. The project involves the development of medium to large-scale gold mining and toll milling operations across multiple prospects. We have prepared this professional proposal to outline the operational plan, valuations, financial information, funding strategy, and funding requirements to help you better understand the investment opportunity.

The project will involve medium to large-scale mining across all mines, with toll milling focused on three of the prospects. The mining methods utilized will include opencast and underground mining. Ores will be delivered to the processing plant on a run-off mine (ROM) pad, where they will be crushed and ground using a ball mill. This process will reduce the physical size of the gold-containing rocks, exposing more surface area of rock and any contained gold.

Based on geological surveys and work done to date, the inferred resource for the prospects is 27,611 kg (887,835 ounces) of gold with an in-situ tonnage of 5.5 million tonnes of ore to a depth of 100m below surface. The gold deposit grades have been conservatively graded between 4 g/t and 5 g/t. The potential revenue stream, based on current market gold prices, can conservatively reach in excess of USD 1.5 billion over the mines’ useful life.

The development of a mining asset is complex, lengthy, and potentially expensive. To mitigate the risks, we recommend a phased approach involving the initial assessment of potential, exploration, determining feasibility, building, and later operating the mine. The costs laid out in the proposal are per prospect, stated at present value, and do not include any escalations. Funds will be raised from the market through the listing of each prospect on a stock exchange of our choice as each phase concludes.


• CAPEX for exploration: $1,700,000
• CAPEX for mining operation: $15,450,000
• CAPEX for toll mining: $1,530,000
• Other Support Buildings: $520,000
• Drill Rig: $2,500,000
• Land Rehabilitation & Community Projects: $1,500,000
• Security & Fencing: $2,500,000
• Contingency: $1,800,000
• Working Capital: $2,500,000

On average, each mine will cost approximately $30,000,000 to be fully operational.

The total finding requirement for the mining portfolio/ beneficiation is USD 300.000.000. The capital raise will be phased according to the cash flow requirements. The company will be listed on the Victoria Falls Stock

Exchange (VFEX) as follows:
a) Issuance of a debenture scheme with a 10% coupon rate
b) Listing of Company shares on the VFEX with a secondary listing on the A.I.M. in London.

In addition to the primary funding strategy outlined above, we are open to discussing other investment avenues within reasonable grounds to meet your unique financial preferences and risk appetite. Some alternative investment options include private placements, convertible debentures, or joint ventures.

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