Transaction Overview

  • Battery Electrical Energy Storage fulfils an essential role in allowing electricity generated by renewable energy sources to be saved and then delivered into the grid at any time during a 24 hour period.
  • GEM has assembled a development pipeline of sites suitable for battery electrical energy storage.
  • These sites provide the opportunity for significant value gain by achieving planning consent and then divesting to institutional purchasers for onward development.
  • The use of funds is to pay for costs associated with planning and to secure grid connections.
  • With planning and a grid connection offer secured, sites can be sold to institutional investors who are interested in the significant long term cash flows available. Sites can achieve a significant uplift in value through planning gain (a typical 100MW site can be worth £6.0M to £12.0M post planning).
  • Profit to be split 33% investor and 67% GEM.
  • Each development site will be secured inseparate special purpose limited company.
  • The business is seeking a single or group of investors to provide funding in order to develop the pipeline (a typical site requires circa £70k to£350k, depending on size).

The Opportunity

• Battery Energy Storage is a recognised asset class amongst institutional renewable energy investors.

• Once planning and a firm grid connection offer have been secured, development sites can achieve a disposal consideration typically in a range of £60,000 to £120,000 per MW of grid connection.

• Planning within the greenbelt and on agricultural land is permitted for this development type.

• The management team have extensive experience in renewable projects including the development of Battery Energy Storage, energy from waste, solar and gas peaking plants.

Anticipated Funds Required

• Initial development aimed at identifying suitable locations does not require external funding and consists of:

  • Site identification.
  • Grid connection research.
  • Engagement with National Grid and Distribution
  • Network Operators to identify likely connection budget and timescale.
  • Once a suitable site has been identified, funding is then required to procure an option over the site, a firm grid connection offer and achieve planning.
  • Site legals c£10k to £30k.
  • Grid connection deposit c£30k to £150k (largely refundable if a firm offer is not acceptable). o Planning and consultants c£30k to £170k
  • Funds required typically range from c£70k for a 50MW site up to c£350k for a 400MW site.
  • We anticipate an initial funding requirement of c£250k to £2M depending on the number of sites developed.

Anticipated Return to Investor

  • We are offering interested parties 33% of the profit for an investment to cover the costs associated with planning and grid connections.
  • Based on a typical single 100MW development, we anticipate a return to investors of circa £1.98M to £3.96M.


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