The Billionaire Network is excited to offer for sale Pamp Gold 999.9 bars from Swiss LBMA certified leading refineries.

The process for buying Pamp with us is different form our normal process so please please read and understand what is being offered and how to buy.

As a buyer you or your company would be getting the highest quality of gold product available in the world today. That is: 999.9 bars from Swiss LBMA certified leading refineries. You or your company can have the gold either delivered or also picked up with their own means from Switzerland or have the gold stored at seller’s military grade security Swiss vault.  For gold stored in seller’s Swiss vault, seller offers 100% buyback guarantee at day’s closing price and dispatch of the sale proceeds to buyer’s bank of choice.

Price is spot price in euros per kilo on the day of purchase and can be paid with Euros (FIAT) or Billionaire (BILL)

 To make a purchase individuals or corporations have to supply KYC prior to the sale taking place. Be aware, only the actual individual buyer or corporate controlling person can supply the KYC with any brokers or agents being disregarded. Under Swiss law individuals or corporations must fill out supply the 902.9eBEO Single Person form or the 902.11e Controlling Person

To start your KYC please go here:

Individual Buyer KYC
Corporate Buyer KYC

  • Once KYC is submitted, then seller’s compliance department will do their part. Once they give their green light, a contract between buyer and seller would be ready to be formed.  
  • Once full payment has been received then we have to calculate for delivery to you which is about 14 days anywhere in Europe or about 21 days for delivery to the US. Gold can be delivered anywhere in the world, no conflict zones, with either Brinks, Loomis or Malca Amit. Delivery time to the rest of the world subject to agreement and confirmation.

The above process is a general outline and you are fully welcome to discuss after KYC your requirements and any specifics you may have.

For more information please contact us ASAP

Finance Available