The Billionaire Network has been asked to offer this time sensitive Potential Acquisition Of UK Luxury Tailors And Fashion Brand

An iconic brand ready for development

The Brand, a prestigious London tailors, is a contemporary brand offering customers quality and authenticity. The brand, a holder of royal warrants with a strong celebrity client base, attracts customers from around the globe

With its anchor in bespoke and made‐to‐measure, the brand is by nature committed to sustainability with a customised offer and clearly identified product ranges. Customers cherish its products and transmit their passion to others

The brand has a strong appeal across age groups, with a young customer actively following on‐line

The brand is a key player in luxury goods. A global market that has grown 3‐fold in the last 20 years, opening to a wider and the brand has underlying healthy profitability. The product enjoys high gross margins, but suffers from its small size and lack of more democratic public, and which is further expanding with demand from Asia and rebound in the USA economy

Our ambition for the brand
We will develop the brand, building on its unique knowhow and expertise. This will increase the desirability and the visibility of the brand, as a true luxury house as it has been for 250 years

The codes of the brand will be redefined, ensuring that the brand is associated as a contemporary trendsetter, leader in craftsmanship and style

We shall focus on customer experience and engagement with an omnichannel distribution strategy and powerful global communication across all media

We target taking sales from £7m in the UK today* to over £30m worldwide by 2026, and £50m shortly thereafter From break‐even today, we aim to achieve EBITDA levels exceeding 20% of sales in‐line with the luxury sector

This offering is looking to raise £3m equity today, in a total fund raise of 10m

  • £3m on Closing late 2022 to acquire the brand, with equal funding from the HK Investor
  • £5m in 2023 for the funding of the relaunch
  • £2m within 18 months + debt to complete the relaunch

The first investment will benefit from significant discount in price compared to the underlying market value market value which will be realised post acquisition

The above information is just a teaser and for all the details and comprehensive information please contact us.

Finance Available