Vintage Pocket Watch Made in old Constantinople (Modern Day Istanbul)

• Brand: M. Saury & Co (extinct-that makes it one of a kind).
• Model: Vintage
• Type: Pocket
• Box: With original Vintage Box and Key. Inscription on Box: Constantinople (modern day Instabul).
• Case Material: 18ct Gold. Highly Ornamental Case
• Movement: Automatic
• Condition: Good
• Age: Estimated 1870s 1880s
• Gender: Gents
• Location: Cyprus, European Union
• Sale: Private Owner

Vintage Rare Pocket Watch Made in Old Constantinople

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Price: BILL 133,300 (Payment by Crypto) or PRICE USDT $133,300 (Payment by Crypto)
This is a private collection. The offer is unique to Billionaires Network with super rare one of a kind watches.
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