Wanted – Ferrari Sp1, sp2, Sp3 & 812 Aperta

The Billionaire Network has an immediate request for a Ferrari Sp1,Sp2, Sp3 & 812 Aperta

We have a CASH BUYER who is more than ready and waiting on the SP3 and 812 Aperta

Please only contact us if you have a genuine ready and willing seller of any of these cars and they are prepared to sell immediately. Future build buy is not a problem.

This sale will only happen if the buyer is dealing directly with the seller and their respective lawyers. No in-between lawyers and brokers!

Please only contact us if you are either the owner/seller or you are mandated to sell for the owner/seller, if the cars are from your mates sisters cousins Aunty Doreen we don’t want to know!


We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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