Cashero The Blockchain-based Payment Ecosystem Launching Soon

What is Cashero?

Cashero is a blockchain-based payment ecosystem.

Cashero provides inflation beating high interest yields, instant fee-free internal and cross border payments and multi currency accounts.

Cashero’s platform supports use by individuals, businesses, corporates and charities in 120+ countries.

What problems does Cashero look to solve?

  • High Inflation
  • High Remittance Fees on transfers
  • High FX Charges
  • Low Interest rates on deposits

What makes Cashero different to everyone else?

Cashero offers:

  • The Highest interest rates – up to 5% APY paid in real time (Users accounts are credited with interest every 20 seconds)
  • The Lowest Fees – Many of our services are completely free of charge
  • Convenience – All 4 services in one place (High interest account – Instant Payments – Global Payments – Multi Currency Wallets)


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