Hyper Rare Building Slot For A Ferrari 812 Competizione Aperta

Hyper Rare Building Slot For A 812 Competizione Aperta
The Billionaire Network are super excited to offer this building slot of a 812 Competizione Aperta

Nero DS Ext/ Nero Int

Can’t be resold or exported out of Europe for twelve months Delivery schedule for November 2022

Will be under the name of the new owner.

Proof of funds who confirm the solvability of the buyer from his bank or lawyer -ID of the buyer.

Price: 1,260,000 Euros

First down payment to be paid at the signature: deposit + our commission Balance at delivery after checking the car.

When the documents are available the owners lawyer will verify them and I will pass them to the seller. It will take 2 or 3 working days to have the purchase agreement, in the meantime buyer will have to sign our commission agreement.

Once it is returned and signed the buyer will have 24 hours to make the first down payment. At this stage he will be linked to the seller with a possibility to meet him.

*** Be aware that the FERRARI CONTRACT will be shared only with the buyer.***

Please contact us for a walk through of the procedure, price and commissions.

***Please only contact us if you have the money to buy the car or you client does! THERE IS NO NEGOTIATION ON PRICE***


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