O’ Remington ‘’La Diva‘ Twin Mast Yacht For Sale

The Billionaire Network is proud to present the O’ Remington ‘’La Diva‘

Revient vers ses premières amours.
Federico Fellini palme d’or Cannes 1960 ‘’la Dolce Vita‘’
Luciano Visconti palme d’or Cannes 1963 ‘’Le guépard‘

A stunning 2 mast with plenty of history linked to the cinema world. Fellini, La Calas, Brivet Bardot, Alain Delon. 2 Oscar’s and 3 Palm D or where linked to this boat.

Capitain needs to remain and boats stays in Cannes. The mayor of Cannes is very attached to this boat. It’s used 5 time per year for special event. Like the royal régata Cannes Monaco St Tropez.


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