The Billionaire Network is excited to present this Swiss Banking Services Company with Multi-Function Platform

Business Description
Limitless Money Transfer,/cryptocurrency exchange/banking services company with blockchain-based multi-function banking platform. This banking solution services company is the closest thing to a full bank, without being a bank. Customers can also open corporate accounts where they are director or hold PoA and transact for all their personal and business banking needs in one place.
In addition to the Swiss company, the deliverables include a licensed Estonian company. This allows that the Estonian company can operate the platform while the Swiss company license is finalised.
The fully functional banking services platform is hosted on [To be disclosed]. The site is password protected, so enter the following user and password to be able to view the site: user: [To be disclosed]. Then, you will need an invitation in order to register. Please request this if you want to register and test the site (after providing POF, etc.).

Fully integrated with 4 banks for issuing customer IBAN accounts for incoming and outgoing SEPA and SWIFT wires.

Included with Sale:

  • Costs paid in advance for the first year:
  • The Estonian operating company
  • The Swiss operating Company
  • The money transfer/cryptocurrency exchange platform (fully customisable, closed loop system)
  • The required Swiss resident director is already in place and their nominee fee paid in advance for a year[5] · The required Swiss resident AML compliance officer is already in place and their nominee fee paid in advance for a year[6]
  • The registered office address, paid in advance for a year.
  • AML-CTF Manual
  • Risk Control Framework.
  • Swiss main telephone phone number, email addresses
  • Website with SSL certificate and hosting is included, and paid up for one year · The accountant and financial and compliance auditors are in place
  • If requested, we will change the company name at our expense Category: Banks & Other Financial Service

Please see the presentation deck HERE


Finance Available