Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Billionaire Network is very excited to be offer this astonishing Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton specimen.

**All details provided here are NOT of the actual Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton specimen but reference a different one. So far we have not been provided any information or imagery of the actual Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton specimen for sale**

There are approx. 45-48 known T-Rex skeletons in existence. We understand that 16 of them are museum/exhibition quality and these particular specimens come to market very infrequently. There was a 2020 sale and until recently the buyer was unknown, see links for more detail HERE

The opportunity we have is to find a buyer for a specimen belonging to an avid collector in the North America. The specimen is museum quality and is currently on display (they are yield generating assets). 

Key information items relating to this opportunity: 

  • 1. Buyer of the specimen will have all rights, physical, digital, and crypto
  • 2. Once engaged, full data room and provenance is available
  • 3. Non-refundable deposit required once preliminary DD is completed
  • 4. Transaction timeline 4-6 weeks
  • 5. Current owner will share monetisation strategies, preservation management, and licensing opportunities
  • 6. Post purchase advisory by seller is open for discussion.


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