The Billionaire Network is please to offer the truly astonishing Es Fangar Balearic Estate For Sale

For speed please view this comprehensive presentation HERE


1) Asset deal, no debts
2) Owner is a true true perfectionist so everything is in its top possible condition
3) Currently owners are not living there themselves, so there are 8 people taking care of the property including the wine making business
4) When owners were living there they had about 12-15 people staff in total
5) Wine business is currently at break even point but there is a real capacity to double it and make profitable
6) Horses were taken out of there to South of France already
7) There are also two helipads nearby to access it
8) Within 2 days notice we will fully arrange the viewing (name of the client of course would need to be disclosed)

PRICE: 105M Euros

For more information please contact us ASAP

Finance Available