The PaiverseTM or Paladin’s universe is the amalgamation of old and new world concepts – it is a platform with its own IP – “Infinite PossibilitiesTM”. It is where the virtual (Meta) world intertwines with the real (Physical) world. It is this nexus for which we coined the concept, the “Meta-phy-verseTM” or METAPHYTM for short!

Our platform is where would-be entrepreneurs, collectors, connoisseurs, admirers and individuals can participate in physical assets that are rare, unique, and curated from sources that are otherwise unavailable to mere mortals, irrespective of your location, fully verified and completely traceable via blockchain technologies.

The Paiverse is derived from our name, “Paladin”, pronounced /palədn/, and embodies our ethos. The paladins (or Twelve Peers) were twelve fictional knights of legend, the foremost members of Charlemagne’s court in the 8th century AD. The word Paladin was first used in Ancient Rome for a chamberlain (advisor) of the Emperor, and also for the imperial palace guard, called the Scholae Palatinae by Constantine.

We chose our namesake because we want to protect your NFTs by providing you access to physical assets that are ethically obtained, fully verifiable, transparently tradeable, absolutely immutable and finally redeemable at your convenience. We scour far and wide to bring unique physical assets that are collectables and also have ownership and verification provenance. Once you purchase them, you will never have to worry about insurance, security or storage. Finally, we give you the ability to trade these assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) if you so choose, irrespective of your borders.

In 2022 our co-founders, two compliance professionals with over 40 years of combined experience in the energy, commodities and financial trading markets, decided there was a better way to purchase physical assets (as NFTs) that are not merely gimmicks! We assembled a team of like-minded top-tier industry professionals who are experts in their fields and set about building a platform that has all the benefits of an NFT marketplace (traceability, liquidity and immutability) and combined it, for the first time, with physical assets to back them, giving our NFTs a quantifiable value! They created Paladin Digital Assets Inc., via the Paiverse – which is Paladin’s Meta-phy-verse.

Our desire to grow and scale is unparalleled, and we aim to become the most liquid asset-backed NFT marketplace on the planet. We have a deep passion for bringing some of the rarest assets to the market as NFTs and at the same time enable its holders to engage in global experiences to enjoy their assets and share the stories behind them being part of a unique community. Owing to our Compliance and Legal backgrounds, we are also working diligently to become a regulated financial entity in the near future in order to be one of the first Web 3.0 companies to have this sort of licensure! Of course, regulatory approval is quite a diligent and involved process which takes time, but the groundwork has been laid and our team is working in parallel to get the approvals over the next several months.

We take our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives quite literally too, being a Web 3.0 platform. To that end, we have core principles around our inception

1. Environmental – we work with environmentally conscious partners and ensure this is embedded throughout our supply chain of assets! Check our partners’ credentials about our individual drops.

2. Sustainability – We specifically chose Ethereum blockchain because version 2.0 is more energy efficient, less gas fees and is easier on the planet, even though full benefits of Blockchain (as opposed to its more famous cousins).

3. Governance – as explained prior we are looking to become a regulated entity so that we abide by strict compliance and investor protection rules to ensure our platform users have complete peace of mind.

Our team of experts who are spread throughout the globe have a deep understanding of the NFT and Physical asset spaces, and we look forward to showing all that we have to offer!

We are Paiverse and we exist in the METAPHY. It is a place with “Infinite Possibilities”.

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