The Magna Carta 1215 NFT For Sale

The Magna Carta 1215

The king and the rebel barons negotiated a peace settlement in June 1215. The king agreed to accept the terms of Magna Carta, which is dated 15 June 1215.

This is a unique NFT released by the exclusive and reclusive creator Speedwelly and is one of only 5 unique NFT’s ever created.

This NFT is already minted with the Binance blockchain . Click To View

This NFT sold again on the 8th March 2022 and the current owner has now asked us to sell it again. Current Holding Wallet

PRICE  $350,000,000 or 350,000,000 USDT or the equivalent of any other Cryptocurrency

For more information please contact us ASAP

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      The Magna Carta 1215 NFT
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